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Bhe growls, beeps, roars, whispers, whispers or smashes. It makes us heard, transports emotions, seduces and gives us power. Our voice is an expression of our personality.

The human voice plays a much bigger role in our lives than we think. This is how "the voice takes us" when "something is not right" or when we are "out of sync" with each other. If we hear a voice on the phone, the picture of a person in our head is already being created. A deep, quiet male voice gives us security and confidence. In a shrill lady's voice, we imagine an annoying bitch that does not have much intelligence.

We started an experiment how realistic we imagine a human if we only hear his voice.


idea / preparation
The idea for this Digezz project arose when we were disappointed with the look of a McDonald's employee. After hearing his voice at McDrive's first stop, we envisioned a young, attractive man with a smile on his face. But when we saw his face at the second stop (when paying), we had to realize how wrong we had been. So we discussed how the voice of a human affects our perception of his appearance.

We found this topic very interesting and decided that we would play each other's voices as well as draw the faces. Each should therefore let three people read a text and record their voice. Thereafter, the other person should listen to the voices and draw the person she imagined.

As preparation, we had to find suitable people who look different, are of different ages and who the other person did not know about us.

Während wir jeweils eine Tondatei abspielten und so einer Stimme zuhörten, zeichneten wir im Adobe Photoshop das Gesicht, das wir uns vorstellten. Wir begannen mit den Konturen des Kopf, änderten ständig einzelne Details, die aber viel ausmachten und versuchten zum Schluss, mit Farbe das ganze besser zu betonen. Der ganze Zeichnungsprozess haben wir mithilfe des VLC-Screenrecorders aufgenommen, sodass man jeder unserer Schritte mitverfolgen kann.

We thought that the results would be best on a website. So we programmed one. The website is kept deliberately simple, so that our work better come to bear.

The first difficulty was how old the person is. We found that after the first few seconds we had an image in our heads. But when we started thinking about what the human being might look like, that picture changed constantly. But we have to force us to visualize the first person we came up with. Because that was our goal. When we talk to someone on the phone, we do not spend too much time studying what the human would look like, but stick to our first impression.

Probably the biggest difficulty was that what we imagined we were putting on paper. To let others see exactly the picture we see. That was not completely possible. But we were aware of that from the beginning because we knew that we would not become phantom graphic artists.

After the experiment, we are both surprised at how inaccurate our drawings were. It was fascinating what kind of people the other person had ever imagined. The project was fun and we may repeat it with several people to get a more representative result.

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